How To Control Your Food Cravings.

  Here is what you can do to help you stop your bad cravings and turn them into hygienic routine.
Defination Of Food Craving
A food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food,stronger than simply normal hunger.According to Marcia Levin Pelchat,”It may be the way in which foods are consumed rather than their sensory properties that leads to an additive eating pattern.”


1.Stick To A Timetable.
Plan to eat only at set meal and snack times to help stop mindless grazing.
2.Reduce The Havoc.
If you take sugary things all day,prevent it from occurring in the future by weaning yourself off the sweet stuff.Better still it has been suggested that mixing 90% of any processed juice with 10% of water for a few days them move it up to 80% to 20% and so on till it gets to 10% juice and 90% water,and trust you will barely notice the change.
3.Do Not Starve Yourself Of Some Enjoyment.
If you bring a raw vegetable medley for lunch every day,its no wonder you’re likely to ditch it for sandwiches.”Packing a few cookies to satisfy your need for something sweet is a better strategy than depriving yourself until you rebel and eat a huge sundae”.says Leslie Bonci.
4.Have Something To End Your Meal For The Day.
After eating for the day,you can have a fruit salad to end your meal.


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