Writing 101:unlock the mind.


  Todays assignment;writing 101 challenge was to sit down for 20 minutes and write anything,i really love to call it free writing.To write has been something of an habit for some people.Everyone write for different motives.
*some write to get the attention of the public.
*people also write just because they love to write and have taken it as an habit.
*some also write about controversial issues to bring about a change.
*people write because they have a story to share with the world.
*and some also write to express themselves.
  Looking at it from a practical point of view most people write to gain attention of the public,they may focus on writing about a particular topic to become well known for their opinions about it,even though most people fail to gain attention because they are not willing to admit to themselves that they want it or at one time or another they did admit it,but then gave up to soon.
  Oh time is almost up but why do ‘we’ write.


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