Writing 101:A place you’d like to go to…


  Day 2;Todays assignment is to write about a place you’d like to go to.A place everyone would really love to go to is Brazil,i think especially sport fans, to watch the upcoming world cup which is expected to commence on June 14. I love football. I love the aesthetics of football. I love the athleticism of football. I love the movement of the players, the antics of the coaches. I love the dynamism of the fans. I love their passion for their badge and the colour of their team and their country. I love the noise and the buzz and the electricity in the stadium. I love the songs. I love the way the ball moves and then it flows and the way a teams fortune rises and falls through a game and through a season. But what I love about football that it brings people together across religious divides,geographic divides, political divides. I love the fact that for ninety minutes in a rectangular piece of grass, people can forget hopefully, whatever might be going on in their life, rejoice in this communal celebration of humanity. The biggest diverse,invasive or pervasive culture that human kind know is football and I love the fact that at the altar of football human kind can come worship and celebrate.
Newcastle player Andy Harper.
  Hmmn…,Someone once said “football is a game of passion”.Everyone wants to be there.Men try to persuade their partners,others also would consider being insincere with their boss to get out of work early,there will also be an upgrade in technology with goal-line technology in place for the first time all because of football(world cup 2014).
  The opening ceremony alone would involve a huge number of crowd in the stadium,the whole world’s eyes will be on brazil which will also feature live performances by some of the biggest stars in the world.
  The closing ceremony would also be a joy to behold for fans whose country qualified for the final stage.
   I really love to ask a technical question which someone asked me:
If you were given a world cup ticket:
a)Would you go to brazil to watch the world cup?  OR
b)Would you sell the ticket?


2 thoughts on “Writing 101:A place you’d like to go to…

  1. I like your post…you do a nice job of describing the excitement and passion that comes with this sport. I would definitely take the tickets and go to the World Cup, but I might be a little bit afraid of some of these fans! I agree that football pulls people together, but I am somewhat shocked at times by the racism shown by some of the fans towards players whose ethnicities they don’t like. Great post! 🙂

  2. I’ve never really thought about it, but football (sports in general) does cross the religious divide and unite people to a common goal…Thank you

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