Writing 101: About a loss


  Today’s assignment(4th day) on the wordpress 101 challenge is to write about a loss,this is very challenging because i dont allow a loss to put me down or set me back,i might have had a series of them but i would not allow it to affect me because i feel loss were made to be overcome.
  I will give an example of a loss,but not mine,about a football team.I know a lot of us or lets say those conversant with sports would remember the match that took place on wednesday,21st May 2008 at 20:45 CEST (22:45 MSD).The match was played at the Luzhniki stadium,in Moscow,Russia,to determine the winner of the 2007-08 Uefa champions league.The final was contested by Manchester United and Chelsea,which made it an all-English club final,the first time in the history of Uefa champions league.
  It all started from the moment when Christiano Ronaldo scored but Frank Lampard was able to put it level before halftime.The game went on till it got to extra time where Dider Drogba was dismissed following an unsightly melee.
  The game was later decided on penalties,Terry was with the chance to win his side’s maiden European cup but a loss of footing and a post left the blues aggrieved once more.The blues failed to win the European cup making it a bitter and emotional loss.Emotional period was it for Dider Drogba after the terrible loss because he had been in line to take the fifth spot kick instead of John Terry before being sent off.
  What a loss! but a quote by me says that “when you are able to get over your loss,you will surely get victory”.On saturday 19th May 2012,Chelsea got over their loss of 2008 and won the Champions league.It was really emotional and there were tears but this time tears of victory.Chelsea got over their loss.
  This should be a food for thought for us out there “dont allow your loss to put you down,get over it and go for victory”.


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