Writing 101, day seven:Give and Take.


  Today makes it the seventh day on writing 101 blogging challenge, today we were asked to write a post based on the contrast between two things.So i have decided to write on pride and humility.
  The worst decisions in my life,the times my anger has gotten the best of me, and instances of my greatest regret were all the result of my pride.
Pride is a disagreement with the truth.It is giving to yourself exceedingly high self regard.
Humility on the other hand is the quality or condition of being humble;modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance.It is the quality or state you are not thinking you are better than other people.
  I love to say the two are the opposite of each other.Someone once said to me “pride comes before a fall”, and i also feel some people become humble after they happen to have had bitter experience that comes with pride.

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