Writing 101,Day Nine:Changing Moccasins.


  Today is the ninth day of the writing 101, we were asked to write on this: “A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands.They pass an old woman sitting on a bench.The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater.The man begins to cry.
  Fin and Tin have been married for two years now.Fin invests in her happiness, he tells her how much he adores her everyday.He also make sure he learns and encourages her dreams and also he takes care not to hurt her.
This has been the secret of the ever growing relationship.Tin has also kept her own side of the bargain, as she respects Fin’s mind,body and soul.Tin also make Fin her top priority, and she is also unconditionally honest with him.
  The couple are always fond of taking a walk round, and spending quality time together.
I was sitted on a bench opposite an old woman, and i observed the couple for a while and to my greatest surprise, as the couple approached the spot where the old woman was, i saw a sudden change on Fin’s face, he became depressed and his wife noticed it, she has not seen him with this type of face expression before, she looked at him and saw little drops flowing from his eyes, and she could feel the dampness of his skin as she placed her hand upon his cheek.
  I was curious to know what happened and i went to ask the man, he replied in a calm manner, “when i saw that old woman sitting on that bench knitting a small, red sweater it reminded me of my mum, it reminded me of the way i troubled her to take me to the park and she always come along with my clothes which she sowed, i remember i cause trouble in the park with some other kids and she pleaded for me.When i was helpless and did not have anything, she risked her life and gave me everything.She went through the most terrible pains and suffering just to bring me to this world.My mother’s love is something i cannot describe in words.Because no matter what i say, i will never really be able to justify it”.
  When he was done, i couldn’t hold my feelings, and little drops rolled down my cheeks.


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