Writing 101(Day eleven):No place like home.


  Today on writing 101, we were told to write on this: A home where you lived when you were twelve.
  I remember vividly when i was twelve, an apartment i called home before moving to a new house.In our house we had four main rooms, one living room, one kitchen, one dinning room and one hall.The hall had up to four rooms which represented the private room.
  The living room is the first room when entering the house, and this room is well equipped with very beautiful furnitures and arts.Next after the living room is the dinning table which is filled with necessary equipments available.
After this is a place i cherish most, i love to call it “my best arena”, and this place is called the kitchen, i really love to stay in the kitchen.I remember the aroma, the extra food for assisting and also little things you get while staying.
  The hall also had three different room sections, the first that of my parents, the second my brother and i definately stayed in the last room, which was smaller to that of my brother with comic papers posted around all the walls in my room.


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