Writing 101, (Day Twelve):Dark clouds on the horizon.


  Today on writing 101, we were told to write on this:”a post with roots in a real-world conversation”.
  I was in a eatery when i overheard the conversation of two friends.
Tin:I want to stop writing posts.
Tin:I spend days to write my posts, but when i check my stats, am discouraged.
Fin:But i do feel you are a good writer.
  When i heard the conversation of these good friends, i knew this problem has not only affected Tin, but has also affected some writers out-there.Most writers fail to gain attention because they are not willing to admit to themselves that they want it or at one time or another they did admit it, but then gave up too soon.
  Most people write to gain the attention of the public, they may focus on writing a particular topic to become well known for their opinions about it.It was also noted that people write for different motive:
*To gain attention of the public.
*Some individuals have taken it as an habit.
*Lastly, people also write to express themselves.
  When i heard this from the man who came to intervene, i also came up with my own theory:
‘ “No stat” fear is a sickness, dont let it put you on the “stop writing” sick bed.The only cure or prevention is to keep writing’.


2 thoughts on “Writing 101, (Day Twelve):Dark clouds on the horizon.

  1. Nicely stated! That’s why I do what I do! 😀 You never know when that ONE person will come along and change your world…so keep on writing. Don’t make it about THEM; make it about YOU!
    VERY nice response to today’s challenge. (Can you tell I enjoyed your writing?) 😀
    You have a new follower!
    ~ Angela

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