Writing 101,Day Fifteen:Your Voice Will Find You.


  Today on writing 101 blogging challenge, we were asked to write on:“an event you’ve attended and loved.Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.
  I saw this prompt and i thought of any event/programme i attended and loved recently, and it was writing 101.Even though i can never think of it being cancelled forever because it has helped so many of us who are participant.It has:
*Brought writers together.
*Impacted the urge to write to writers.
*Lastly, it has also given confidence to bloggers.
  I can’t imagine it being cancelled, and i hope it will not.
What about you?


2 thoughts on “Writing 101,Day Fifteen:Your Voice Will Find You.

  1. This is my first year, and if I’d read this on day 1, I might not have thought anything of it, but I am learning so much and trying different styles and now, I would miss it and I would publicly protest!

  2. It has been of great assistance I believe to all who took up the challenge, I have never attempted assignments of this calibre before, I am continuing to learn (I Hope) thanks to all the participants for the encouragement.

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