Writing 101,Day Seventeen:Your Personality On The Page.


“We all have anxieties, worries,and fears.What are you scared
of ?Address one of your worst fears”.
  Fin was a young man, a graduate from the university and his worst fear was: what would happen when he graduates? is he going to find a well paid job? is he going to pass all the exams and interviews given to him in any place he applies for job?
These questions kept on repeating itself in Fin’s mind, he had always heard about the trouble faced by graduates and life on your own, but he has never experienced it until now.
  Fin couldn’t sleep, he knew he was alone and he also knew he had to face his fears alone, since there was no one to assist him.
He remembered the pains he had to go through to pay his fees and now there is another problem.He was afraid to the extent he could not apply for any job, because of the fear of job exams and interviews.
  This problem continued and Fin couldn’t bear it anymore.He decided to take a walk down the street and fortunately for him, he stumbled upon a word that changed everything;


  After reading this, Fin’s confidence came back to him, the mind he had when he was overcoming his hard-times back then in school was back.
The next day, Fin went for a job interview and he was employed.


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