Writing 101,Day Eighteen:Hone Your Point of View.



“Since Mr Pauley died, Mrs Pauley who raised a family of six boys who’ve all grown up and moved away, had no income to pay her rent.Her landlord accompained by the police comes and evict her from the house she has lived for forty years.
  Write this story in first person, told by the twelve-year old sitting on the stop across the street.
  I was sitted on the stop across the street thinking about my life, i said to myself ‘i am twelve’,’am no longer a kid’.As this thought continued to ring a bell in my head, i saw Mrs Pauley, her husband has just died barely three months now and her six boys have all left the house.
She was left alone doing all the chores and i decided to assist her
and i also promised to visit her tommorrow.
  On my way to Mrs Pauley’s house the next day, i saw a fast moving vehicle and a police car following it.I knew it was the landlord, and anytime he his around there is always trouble.I sat at the stop across the street to have a clear view of what was going on.I saw the police men saying some words to Mrs Pauley but i couldn’t figure it out because i was not close enough, and after all these, Mrs Pauley argued and begged the landlord as i could interprete the signs she made with her hands, and before i knew it she was evicted.
  When Mrs Pauley was carried away, i saw her say some words, but i didnt get them clearly.I don’t know if it was ‘i will be alright’,’help me’,’i will be back’, ‘do something’,.When she was done packing her bags and was ready to leave, little drops rolled down my eyes and i could not hold it any longer, so i ran to my room and cried aloud.


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