2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 520 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 9 trips to carry that many people.

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Writing 101,Day Eighteen:Hone Your Point of View.



“Since Mr Pauley died, Mrs Pauley who raised a family of six boys who’ve all grown up and moved away, had no income to pay her rent.Her landlord accompained by the police comes and evict her from the house she has lived for forty years.
  Write this story in first person, told by the twelve-year old sitting on the stop across the street.
  I was sitted on the stop across the street thinking about my life, i said to myself ‘i am twelve’,’am no longer a kid’.As this thought continued to ring a bell in my head, i saw Mrs Pauley, her husband has just died barely three months now and her six boys have all left the house.
She was left alone doing all the chores and i decided to assist her
and i also promised to visit her tommorrow.
  On my way to Mrs Pauley’s house the next day, i saw a fast moving vehicle and a police car following it.I knew it was the landlord, and anytime he his around there is always trouble.I sat at the stop across the street to have a clear view of what was going on.I saw the police men saying some words to Mrs Pauley but i couldn’t figure it out because i was not close enough, and after all these, Mrs Pauley argued and begged the landlord as i could interprete the signs she made with her hands, and before i knew it she was evicted.
  When Mrs Pauley was carried away, i saw her say some words, but i didnt get them clearly.I don’t know if it was ‘i will be alright’,’help me’,’i will be back’, ‘do something’,.When she was done packing her bags and was ready to leave, little drops rolled down my eyes and i could not hold it any longer, so i ran to my room and cried aloud.

Writing 101,Day Seventeen:Your Personality On The Page.


“We all have anxieties, worries,and fears.What are you scared
of ?Address one of your worst fears”.
  Fin was a young man, a graduate from the university and his worst fear was: what would happen when he graduates? is he going to find a well paid job? is he going to pass all the exams and interviews given to him in any place he applies for job?
These questions kept on repeating itself in Fin’s mind, he had always heard about the trouble faced by graduates and life on your own, but he has never experienced it until now.
  Fin couldn’t sleep, he knew he was alone and he also knew he had to face his fears alone, since there was no one to assist him.
He remembered the pains he had to go through to pay his fees and now there is another problem.He was afraid to the extent he could not apply for any job, because of the fear of job exams and interviews.
  This problem continued and Fin couldn’t bear it anymore.He decided to take a walk down the street and fortunately for him, he stumbled upon a word that changed everything;


  After reading this, Fin’s confidence came back to him, the mind he had when he was overcoming his hard-times back then in school was back.
The next day, Fin went for a job interview and he was employed.

Writing 101,Day Sixteen:Serial Killer.


  Today on writing 101 blogging challenge, we were asked to write on:”a job in which you had to sift through forgotten or lost belongings.Describe a day in which you come upon something peculiar, or tell a story about something interesting you find in a pile”.
  It was my last day in university for that semester, and it was time to observe a long holiday.I decided to apply for a job which entails, reuniting people in a hotel with what they have misplaced.I have done this several times, and i have been appreciated on different occasions.
  To unite people with things they have lost has being wonderful, having to see the smile on their face when they find their lost item has also being good.
I have found many things for people, but i will forever remember this one.I resumed for duty very early in the morning, and i greeted everyone as usual and while moving to see if i could find anything, i stumbled upon a letter and to my greatest surprise i saw a scholarship inside of it.I was busy wondering how someone could have misplaced such a thing, and i spotted a troubled young man, and i asked him what the problem was and he narrated how he misplaced his envelope that was very important to him, immediately i sighted his name on the passport which was thesame with that of the envelope.I wanted to say a word when the man also sighted the envelope, and immediately i gave it to him, he was filled with joy, thanking me and he also explained the importance of the envelope.
  After all the work done during the holiday and i was ready to go to school, i sat down and asked myself what i achieved during the holiday and i remember only that day, i am always happy, i am always happy of how someone who was sad became happy.

Writing 101,Day Fifteen:Your Voice Will Find You.


  Today on writing 101 blogging challenge, we were asked to write on:“an event you’ve attended and loved.Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.
  I saw this prompt and i thought of any event/programme i attended and loved recently, and it was writing 101.Even though i can never think of it being cancelled forever because it has helped so many of us who are participant.It has:
*Brought writers together.
*Impacted the urge to write to writers.
*Lastly, it has also given confidence to bloggers.
  I can’t imagine it being cancelled, and i hope it will not.
What about you?

Writing 101,Day Fourteen:To Whom It May Concern.


  Writing 101 post challenge today is:”pick up a book,whats the first word that jumps out? Use this as your springboard of inspiration.
  I picked up a random book from my library, and luckily i found something that caught my attention.It is the word “instant ideas”.I also decided to relate it to writing/blogging.
  Before you get instant ideas for writing, you need to ask yourself some of these questions.
*Why do i write?
*Who is my audience?
*What is my topic?
*Do i want to use my website as a conduit to open up a conversation with my audience.
  These questions really do have an impact on where to get “instant ideas” for your blog post.
Be free and dont worry if your connections when writing are little silly.Within minutes, your brain will have relished that it’s playtime and anything goes, and when anything goes, answers arrive.

Writing 101(Day Thirteen):Serial Killer.


  On writing 101, we were asked to write on this:”a post about finding something”.
  I hardly lose something, but i do recall a day when i asked myself some questions,
*Why do i spend most of my time writing?
*Why was writing important?
These questions kept on repeating itself in my memory and i decided to give up on writing/blogging.I also felt that it was a waste of time, and not only that, the stats i had were also dissapointing.
  Recently, i found the motivation of writing back.The desire to write came back and i felt i had all reason to write.